Sunday, November 20, 2016

You Think its Been Quiet?

Well, yes it has, But as we know - the calm before the storm often hides the true extent of what's coming. And this winter its going to get very stormy indeed:

How so?

First off, Pirates in Hell will soon be with us. Another helping of the vilest villainy available from Janet Morris' Heroes in Hell shared universe where we'll meet some of the foulest freebooters, mendacious marauders and cutthroat captains this side of infernity.

Don't forget, Satan's Reaper will be joining this treasure chest of terror.
In Pieces of Hate, Daemon Grim ventures to Skull Isle in pursuit of something of great value - to him and His Infernal Majesty.

And once that adventures over?

Let's just say - there is no rest for the wicked - and Satan's hit-man finds himself spending a lot of time in hell's version of this place...Perish

Hell Hounds
It'll be dark, it'll be dirty, and it'll be downright devilish.
But don't take my word for it.

Stay tuned to Perseid Press for what's hot over the chill winter months.

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