Friday, November 10, 2017

Hell Hounds – Meet the Pack

Now that Hell Hounds has been unleashed on the world and you’ve had the chance to delve into dark and dangerous goings on in the underverse, I thought it might be a nice idea to introduce you to the cast.
Fans have already met Daemon Grim, and by now, will understand a little more about what drives him to serve as death’s ambassador in the most ruthless realm in existence.
But what about those he leads?
In particular, exactly who are the Hell Hounds that assist him in hunting down some of the underworld’s most dangerous, despicable despots? Let’s find out, shall we…
Meet the Lead Hell Hound

Nimrod was once a “biblical figure” described as a king of Shinar (Assyria/Mesopotamia), who, according to the Books of Genesis and Chronicles, was the son of Cush. That makes him the great-grandson of Noah.

You might be thinking, “Hang on, what would the great-grandson of Noah be dong in hell?”
The answer? Exactly what he does best: killing!

The only clues you get from the Bible is a references in Genesis 10: 9 & 10 that states:
“he displayed himself a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah. And the beginning of his kingdom came to be Babel and E’rech and Ac’cad and Cal,neh in the land of Shinar.”

Extra-biblical traditions explain things further. Nimrod’s tastes included the hunting of men, and as a builder of many cities throughout the region, he was the originator of the concept behind the Tower of Babel. Yes, he wanted a grand monument to glorify his supremacy and teach men how to challenge God himself and take revenge for the destruction wreaked upon mankind during the flood.

Look how God reacted. Genesis 11:6-9 states: After that Jehovah said: “Look! They are one people and there is one language for them all, and this is what they start to do. Why, now there is nothing that they may have a mind to do that will be unattainable for them. Come now! Let us go down and there confuse their language that they may not listen to one another.” Accordingly, Jehovah scattered them from there over all the surface of the earth, and they gradually left off building the city. That is why its name was called Ba’bel, because there their language was confused and they were scattered.

Yes, to prevent that city’s construction, God himself confounded the original language all mankind spoke at that time to prevent them from being able to communicate effectively. That’s why – when people cluck away in front of us or speak in a dialect we can’t comprehend – we sometimes say they’re “babbling on” (Babeling – on), a throwback to the time of what would have been Nimrod’s greatest accomplishment.

Condemned, Nimrod was just the kind of rebellious soul Satan needed to set a fire under the rabble infesting every level of hell. And he did just that, proving his unworthiness countless times, so that he ended up being chosen by none other than the Grim Reaper himself to be anointed into the Ancient Disorder of Hell Hounds.

Nimrod is Grim’s closest fiend and confidant, and they have worked together now for close to four thousand years due to the vagaries of the warped Sheolspace continuum binding the underverse together.

So there you go. A timely introduction to a character I’m sure you’ll get to know and love.

See what you think of the way Daemon Grim’s right-hand-man accounts of himself, in:


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