Friday, December 15, 2017

Hell Hounds – Meet the Pack
(Part IV)

I hope fans of Daemon Grim have been enjoying his latest adventure in the action packed sequel to Hell Bound - Hell Hounds.

It’s been fun helping you understand what makes his personal band of bounty hunters tick. And this week is no different. Although we’ve come to the end of our journey – this time around – some might say I’ve saved the best for last.


Well, our little dip samples conclude with the first ever woman to meet the physically demanding and mentally challenging standards to become a Hell Hound.

Who is she?
Say hello to the new pack puppy
Charlotte Corday
(aka – The Lady Gemini)

Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday d’Armont – known simply as Charlotte Corday – was born in 1768 to a minor French aristocratic family. Born at the time of political unrest and patriotic zeal, she got caught up in the fervor of the Revolution and paid dearly for it when she was executed by guillotine when only twenty-four years old for the murder of Jacobin leader, Jean-Paul Marat – a person whom history calls the instigator of the radicalized course undertaken by the insurgents during the initial stages of the revolution.
(Marat was responsible for the political purge of the prisons. He believed France languished under the threat of invasion, and that those held in custody would rise up on their release and fight against the people. So he ordered them slain.
That led to a split amongst the factions, and especially those who were against such an aggressive stance.
Although a minor group, the Girondins played a leading role in the legislative assembly and promoted a more tempered course through which to engender nationalism. As such, Marat singled them out in particular.
Unfortunately for him, Charlotte sympathized with the Girondin movement, and became so concerned by Marat’s witch-hunt against his own people that she took it upon herself to visit his home on the pretext of providing valuable information regarding a supposed Girondin uprising. Once alone, she stabbed him whilst he was in the bath.
So sensationalized by politicking did her trial become that Charlotte became known as: “l’ange de l’assassinat,” – The Assassins Angel – and apt description of what was to follow following her execution by guillotine.

After arriving in hell, Charlotte went through the inevitable period of trauma and maladjustment. Like most of the condemned, she couldn’t believe her “righteous” act had resulted in damnation and an eternity of judgment. Her outrage led to a number of ill-advised run-ins with injustice. Sadly for her, she ended up pissing the wrong people off and Satan ordered the Undertaker to permanently disfigure her as an incentive to shut up and switch on.

And switch on she did. For once she resigned herself to her lot, Charlotte made the nature of her infinite punishment the subject of a whole new vocation. After changing her name to reflect the character of her deformity, she set about acquiring the expertise that would put Charlotte Corday—aka the Lady Gemini—on the map as one of the underworld’s most accomplished assassins.
So accomplished, in fact, that she drew the attention of Daemon Grim.
And the rest – as they say – is history…

How does Gemini take to her new role?

How does the rest of the pack take to her?

What augmentations is she granted on becoming the first woman to ever don the mantle,
Hell Hound?

Find out for yourselves in the novel that does what it says on the label:


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