Thursday, July 4, 2019

Hell Gate
And the Wonderful Worlds Within. . .

In this latest release involving Daemon Grim’s exploits, you’ll find him journeying to circles of hell he’s seldom experienced before. In particular, Hell Gate concentrates on Jahannam, the home of the mighty Al-Jinn, mythological, incendiary creatures of flame and shadow.

It’s from such legends that we get fabled stories such as The Arabian Nights; Sinbad; The Genie in the Lamp; Aladdin, and so on.

Of course, such stories have been watered down to feed the appetites of children or those hankering for a touch of mystery and adventure. There’s a romanticism involved with genies. After all, if you rub their lamps, they’ll grant you three wishes . . . won’t they?

Ah, in Hell Gate, we dig into the fiendish reality behind the myth and find out more of what Jahannam’s really about, and of course, the creatures populating it.

Starting next week and for the following several weeks, we’ll take a look at the Gates of Jahannam, what kind of souls are condemned there, and then we’ll go on to examine one or two of those Gates in more detail, and find out what inspired me to come up with some of the places you’ll read about.

See you then.

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