Friday, April 30, 2021


Mystics in Hell


If you’re looking for something devilishly dark and diabolically delightful – besides Gehennardelli cacao chocolate, that is – then why not take a bite out of this latest offering from Heroes in Hell.

Inside the wrapper you’ll find a titillating compilation of tales that are not only fiendishly flavorsome, but so Tartarean on the tongue that you’ll be salivating from the bittersweet images they invoke.

So what are you waiting for? 

Don’t be square! Tuck in, and sample the very best in what shared universes should be like, bar none!


Sunday, April 11, 2021


Mystics in Hell


If you’re hoping to exorcise your gray matter, then look no further than this latest misadventure from the Heroes in Hell Universe. It’s one hex of an anthology.



Inside, you’ll find an unworthy cast of miscreants who wouldn’t be out of place in Dante’s Inferno. But as you’ll soon find out, there’s nothing divine about this comedy of errors, for its jam-packed with Satanic soothsayers, pestilent prophets, ruinous rune casters, and telestic  transgressors of all kinds. You know the type, those who would rather cross your throat with silver than your palm . . . especially if a knife or other sharp object is involved.

Yes, if you like tales of hi-jinx and madcap, cryptic capers, where necromantic antics abound, then the Heroes in Hell universe is the arcane insane asylum for you! Dive in without delay. You’ll soon feel right at home, bouncing off the walls of your illmagination in the company of hags, harpies and heretics galore. (Long-sleeved jackets not included)


It’s monstrously good fun and augurs well for you not to delay clicking on the link.

Friday, April 9, 2021


Mystics in Hell


As fans of Heroes in Hell will already be aware, the latest in a long line of accursed anthologies from the greatest shared universe under miscreation will soon be with us.

And in anticipation of its imminent release, I’m pleased to announce that I have two short stories included within this particular edition. Here’s a brief taster of what’s in store:

The Come Right Inn

In the Come Right Inn, we meet one of Satan’s most secretive and ill-usive agents. A charming woman with a finger – and most other body parts – in every pie. She’s bewitching, beguiling, and bedeviled to be sure, but won’t think twice about skinning you alive if you cross her.

Why don't you book yourself a room in the Come Right Inn. (Evidently, the menu is to die for).


The Sorcerous Apprentice

In The Sorcerous Apprentice, Daemon Grim learns new tricks from an old dog. And just as well. There’s a fallen saint to bring to heel, and she’s not known for playing ball . . . crystal or otherwise.

It doesn’t take second sight to exercise foresight and realize that Satan’s Reaper won’t be chasing his own tail as he hunts his latest adversary. Like it or not, his bite is so much worse than his bark that by the time he’s finished, there’ll be bones aplenty piling up on the Undertaker’s slab.


And these are only two of the many thaumaturic temptations laid out within the pages of this latest ill-omened offering from the most spell-tacular shared universe in existence. Yes, there will be mishaps and arcane antics aplenty in . . .

Mystics in Hell


If you want to satisfy the hunger gnawing at your soul, stay tuned to this blog, or:

For more information and the forthcoming buy links.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Heroes in Hell
The Latest Chapter

As I mentioned in my previous blog item, every year sees another layer added to the foul and fiendish creation that is Janet Morris' Heroes in Hell Universe. With good reason. When you look at the simmering cauldron that is mankind and the pathetic specimens who lurk in its darkest corners, it doesn’t take a lot to skim the dross and sift out the dregs.

 Yes, humanity is saturated with potential to fill the streets of latterday hell with a never-ending stream of fresh souls. Lawyers; rogues; dreamers; poets; doctors; pirates and lovers. Satan welcomes them all, and his Reaper is always ready to pile on the torment.

 That’s great news for those of us condemned to contribute to the Heroes in Hell universe for the rest of infernity. Because as the populace of hell continues to swell, so does the opportunity to write about it. I guess you could say that the expanding volume of damned souls is directly proportional to the increasing volumes available for you to read. (I know . . . hit me later!)

But it begs the question . . . Who is next?

What seditious segment of society has been targeted for reassignment on the Undertaker’s Slab, only to be served up for your misentertainment?

Well, I’m glad to announce, that the next installment of Heroes in Hell is. . .


Mystics in Hell


 And you won’t need a crystal ball to tell you that for the charlatans in question, fortunes are about to spiral out of control.

 How so?

Well, as I mentioned previously, I have the privilege of contributing to the Heroes in Hell universe in two ways: through the themed anthologies, and more comprehensively, via those adventures relating to Satan’s Reaper and Chief Bounty Hunter, Daemon Grim.

 Now, if you’re new to the Heroes in Hell universe, you won’t be aware of an important facet of Daemon Grim’s history. A facet best summed up by the contents of an old blog relating to how I came up with a character that would become integral to HIH canon:


 As you can imagine, Heroes in Hell gives me an excellent playground in which to set my characters free. But, how did I come up with the character of Grim specifically? 

 Ah, that was quite easy.

 First of all, I did my homework. 

Hell is a wondrous place, where all sorts of dastardly deeds are allowed to spiral out of control. However, the HIH concept has certain rules – certain limits and boundaries. In devising a character, I didn’t want to create ‘just another someone’ – you know – another unhinged psychopath who creates mayhem wherever he or she goes. (Well I did, but I wanted them to bring a certain order and pedigree to the universe).

So I thought…what if my main character was someone close to Satan himself? Someone powerful and fiercely loyal? Someone who was the worst of them all and who stood out because he leads by the purity of his service and example he sets? And to add a certain fear factor, what if that character was cursed with the bane of never being able to lie? Someone who turns such a trait to his advantage to create a dread and chilling reputation. He’s bold, brash and confident, because he's perfectly capable of carrying out whatever assignment he’s given.

 When I checked the lists, nobody had thought of using a character deeply interwoven into mythologies and fabric of multiple cultures around the world …The Grim Reaper.

THE Grim Reaper. (Ding Dong!)

 I relished playing with a character like that because not only is he the ultimate killer, but such a persona would be great fun to build a personality profile around. The scope he presented would weave through all the storylines as if he’d always been part of it. 

This is the kind of guy who – if you appear on his list – you’re dead. Simple as that. You can’t buy, bribe, or wheedle your way out of it. And to make it even more unsettling, I’d give him one of the most outrageous sense of humors anyone could ever wish for, and a degree of loyalty toward his team that is almost paradoxical. But for all that, if Satan’s decrees it, he’d still snuff anyone out of existence without the slightest remorse.


 And the final twist?

After consulting with Janet from the outset, we decided it would be a great idea to have Daemon Grim’s adventures maintain their continuity by evolving from the original ‘breakout’ short story (Grim – Doctors in Hell), and then leapfrogging from anthology to novel and from novel to anthology

 As such, the Reaper’s story arc covers:

Grim – Doctors in Hell

Hell Bound

Pieces of Hate – Pirates in Hell

Hell Hounds

Devil’s Trull – Lovers in Hell

Hell Gate

And now, in this latest anthology, Mystics in Hell, I’m delighted to announce that Daemon Grim’s exploits continue in The Sorcerous Apprentice, a murder, mystery misadventure, revealing how Satan’s Reaper is forced to turn to the Al-Jinn of Jahannam for help in ridding the undervese of a pandemic threatening to undo everything that Satan has worked so hard to achieve.

It’s diabolically dark and delicious. And even better, the Sorcerous Apprentice is only one of a number of stories that clearly reveals how you can’t second-guess those with second sight. Be they psychic, prophet, soothsayer or clairvoyant, none of those possessing extra sinsory perceptions can be relied on to reveal the truth.

For more information, keep an eye out on further details, soon to be revealed in both;


Black Gate Fantasy

Mystics in Hell. 
A fetish-filled extravaganza that will charm your socks off and toast your toe-tems. (And yes, you won’t need a crystal ball to know it’ll be a puntacular page-turner of epic proportions).


Do yourselves a favor.
Avoid the need for further diabolical double-entendres by making sure you get your copy as soon as is inhumanely possible


Mystics in Hell – Buy Links to follow!

Friday, March 26, 2021


Heroes in Hell?
What a Novel Idea

Last time out, we took a quick peek at the anthologies making up the underworld of Heroes in Hell. As I mentioned, there are currently seven anthologies available to choose from, involving an equal number of warped and wonderful themes, all of them expounding the many vagaries you’ll find throughout the many levels of hell.

 However, the more astute reader will have noted I also made mention of four novels, the first of which is shown above. Written by Nebula award winner Michael A. Armstrong, it is a standalone story in its own right. Here’s the blurb to give you an idea of what to expect:


In hell, all souls believe they don’t belong there. To sweeten their torment, Satan offers the damned the illusion of escape. Job, the Ombudsman, has the bitter job of trying to be their advocate. If no soul gets saved, the illusion shatters, so Satan gives Job the almost impossible task: help a soul escape from hell. With the help of the poets Hart Crane, Emily Dickinson, and Ezra Pound, and through the magic of the Brooklyn Bridge, they seek to redeem the soul of Washington A. Roebling, the builder of the bridge.


It’s a great premise, and I had the pleasure of reading this story along with the other anthologies in my preparations to join the Heroes in Hell team. Find out what I thought of Bridge Over Hell here:


 But that’s just one of the four novels that make up part of the Heroes in Hell canon. I had the privilege of not only contributing to the anthologies, you see, but of writing the other three novels myself: 

Hell Bound, Hell Hounds, and Hell Gate.

Here’s a brief taster of what those stories contain:


In hell, none of the condemned believes they deserve to be there. And that’s fine, so long as they’re not foolish enough to try and do anything about it. For those that do, there’s always Satan’s Reaper–and chief bounty hunter–Daemon Grim.

Feared throughout the many layers of the underverse, no one in their right mind dares to cross him.

However, when Grim discovers that someone has attempted to evade injustice, and seems hell-bent on gaining access to ancient angelic artifacts, proscribed since the time of the original rebellion in heaven, circumstances point to the fact they may be doing just that.

The question is...why?

Thus begins an investigation that leads Grim throughout the many contradictory and baffling levels of the underworld, where he unearths a conspiracy that is not only eating its way like a cancer through the highest echelons of Hellion society, but one which threatens the very stability of Satan’s rule.

How does Daemon Grim Respond?

Rest assured. It’ll be bloody, brutal, and despicably wicked.


Feared throughout the many circles of the underworld, Satan’s Reaper – and chief bounty hunter – Daemon Grim, is known as a true force to be reckoned with.

Having eliminated a major player in the uprising eating its way like a cancer through the underbelly of hell, Grim is stunned to discover he cannot afford to rest on his laurels, for the rebellion runs far deeper than was ever imagined. New players have emerged – denizens with uncanny abilities – who seem determined to support Chopin and Tesla’s revolutionary agenda.

Ever keen to test their mettle, the Sibitti – personified weapons of the ancient Babylonian plague god, Erra – also appear eager to capitalize on the growing unrest, and set about maneuvering events in order to place themselves in direct opposition to Grim’s investigation.

And if that was not cause for concern enough, there’s an insane angel on the loose, a creature as hell-bent on creating havoc as he is to return home.

How do Grim and his rabid pack of bounty hunters respond?

Baying for blood – doesn’t even begin to describe it.


The Angel Grislington is dead, effaced from existence during an epic battle with Daemon Grim that destroyed a Zion forged blade and one of Satan’s premier palaces in the process.

Chopin and Tesla have gone to ground. So much so, that they might as well be six feet under helping to push up hell-daisies.

Even Erra and the Sibitti, his living weapons of vengeance and destruction, seem reticent to show their faces.

Rioting sweeps the length and breadth of the underworld. Yet the halls of the Mortuary lie vacant, for someone is stealing soul-essence, the very means by which Satan condemns sinners to everlasting torment.

But who would do such a thing? And how does the hush that descends upon the dirty streets of latterday hell tie into ancient prophecy relating to the Reaper’s destiny?

It’s often calmest before the storm.

Just imagine how bad things will get with the apocalypse approaching.


So, just how bad DO things get?

Well, to find out the answer to that – and indeed, how Job fared with his assignment in Bridge Over Hell – I’d ask you click on any of the links within this actual article, or in the sidebar of the blog itself, to find out. Failing that, why not pop along to Perseid Press to see everything on offer?


And when you’ve done that, just bear in mind that this is an ever-expanding universe. There are no bounds to its reach and influence. Good news indeed for those who like to delve into the foul and fiendish tales on offer.


Because there’s further mischief afoot. That’s why!

As to what that mischief is, exactly, why not stop by next time to find out the very latest news from the Heroes in Hell universe, and indeed, the latest exploits of Satan’s Reaper in his never-ending mission to bring hell’s miscreants to heel. You'll be glad you did.

Monday, March 22, 2021

 Heroes in Hell

For those of you who have might not be familiar with the Heroes in Hell universe, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:


Heroes in Hell is a series of shared world fantasy books, within the genre Bangsian fantasy/horror, created and edited by Janet Morris and written by her, Chris Morris, C. J. Cherryh and others. The first 12 books in the series were published by Baen Books between 1986 and 1989, and stories from the series include both Hugo Award winners and Nebula nominees.


Janet resurrected the series through her own publishing company – The Perseid Press – in 2011 with Lawyers in Hell, and the universe has continued to expand with six anthologies and four novels since then:

As you can see from this quick glimpse, there’s a wealth of dark and despicable delights to delve into. And what a choice! Bent lawyers; devious rogues; hopeless dreamers; cursed poets; censured doctors; dastardly pirates, and hapless lovers.

But why so many?

Ah, that’s what you have to understand about hell, it’s an ever expanding smorgasbord of shameful deviants with all sorts of perverted desires that ends up dooming them to eternal suffering.

Here’s a little equation I like to use to explain why Heroes in Hell keeps getting bigger and better.

dS >> 0ᵑ

Now, some of you might recognize this equation, as it’s the satanized version of the second law of thermodynamics. Or, as its better known in the underverse, the Law of Infernodynamics.

Let's break it down a little:
Basically, the sum of each condemned soul’s damnation, (d),
Combined with (S), Satan’s all-pervading unholy will,

Is vastly greater, (>>) than anyone’s chance of escaping or being happy again, aptly represented by, (0ᵑ), that’s zero to the nth degree!


So, what’s in store for those who end up in one of the many levels of hell?

Ah, for that I’d encourage you to stop by, either at The Perseid Press

 Or at your favorite online book retailer to find out more.


And if you’re unsure as to where might be a good place to start, why not pick a theme that appeals. After all, there are plenty topics to choose from, and the choice is only going to get bigger.

Stay tuned, you’ll find out what I mean in the next post.