Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Universe Where Never-ending Discoveries Are Being Made

The search for extra-detestable life just got more interesting.
And what's more, you don't need the Hubble Space Telescope to find it!

If you'd like to avail yourselves of a universe with ever expanding horizons and an interstellar cast, look no further than
Heroes in Hell

Everyone who was ever anyone probably had secrets that got them to the top. 
And if they did, His Infernal Majesty would have found out and ensured they had an eternity to reflect and suffer on their...misdemeanors.

And we're not just talking about history's foulest fiends and despicable despots, but other misbehaving misfits who thought they'd get through life by stabbing everyone in the back.

Doctors, poets, lawyers...all are welcome
And none ever escape.
(Don't forget - for those that try, he's got just the guy to cut them down to size)

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