Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hell Bound Reviews.

Now we're well into February, I thought it might be a good idea to include some clips from recent 2016 reviews for Hell Bound to let you see how readers are taking to Daemon Grim.

Here's a few headliners:

Unique and Sassy

The latest installment in the HEROES IN HELL series is outstanding! Chock full of action and suspense, it delivers hours of reading enjoyment.

The attention to detail in this book was something else. It kept me enthralled from beginning to end with a unique storyline and a wealth of interesting characters

Weston has not only expanded the scope of the Heroes in Hell series, he has introduced new themes and concepts, and new characters. He creates a fresh vision of Hell and presents to us a seedy underworld uniquely his own.

The style is both irreverent and intelligent, and at times had me laughing out loud.

Hell Bound is an epic and fast-paced adventure.

A riveting novel that grabbed me from its first page and didn't let me go.

 I found this novel to be a real treat. I didn't want it to end, most definitely!

I think you'll agree, that's a pleasing start to the year, and one I think Daemon Grim will appreciate. Especially as I've saved a recent one from Netgalley for last:

Here it is in full:
Having read a lot of books lately that were full of romance and made for a somewhat lighter reading, I was totally in the mood for this bad boy!
Meet Daemon Grim, Grim Reaper and loyal servant of His Satanic Majesty, Lucifer/Satan. Just back from a trip upside to collect souls for his liege and master, he is enjoying some downtime when he gets a  phonecall informing thin that his most important soul is not among his recent catch. Say what? Knowing how important this particuar soul is to Lucifer, he is eager to get to the bottom of this mystery.
Armed with this scythe and his infernal powers, he sets out to find Creamer, legendary psychopath and thorn in his side only to discover that the situation is even more complicated that he he could ever have imagined.
But he is the Grim Reader and he is not about to let a litle thing like ‘complication’ get in the way of him reaping this soul and any others who gets in his way!
Wow! Just wow! I loved Hell Bound so much I can’t even begin to describe how much. The characters are flawed, dark, well developed and interesting and the world building is insanely awesome. I liked the author’s attention to detail and while in some books it could have come off as info dumping, it totaly worked here.
I liked that Daemon Grim is unapologetically bad ass and dark, he is no hero and is proud to be the Grim Reaper. I liked the hints at something devious concerning how he became the Grim Reaper that I hope to read more of in a next book. I liked the ‘magical’ elements, the way he gets and uses his infernal powers. As dark and delicious as this book was, I felt it was nicely balanced with a bit of a grim humour and I’m sincerly hoping there is at least  a sequel becaue there is no way the Grim Reapers’s work is done!
Loved, Loved it! I highly recommend this to lovers of dark fantasy and those who are fans on anti-heroes.
So there you go.
Daemon Grim seems to be proving popular among the discerning readers of macabre tastes.

If YOU feel like getting to know him better
You know what to do

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