Saturday, April 27, 2019

It's Often Calmest Before the Storm

Fans of Daemon Grim will be pleased to learn that the latest chapter in the Reaper's journey is due for release on May 31st.

But what to expect in a tale filled with terror, trial and tribulation for the underworld's miserable miscreants?

Here's a clue:

The Angel Grislington is dead, effaced from existence during an epic battle with Daemon Grim that destroyed a Zion forged blade and one of Satan’s premier palaces in the process.

Chopin and Tesla have gone to ground. So much so, that they might as well be six feet under helping to push up hell-daisies.

Even Erra and the Sibitti, his living weapons of vengeance and destruction, seem reticent to show their faces.

Rioting sweeps the length and breadth of the underworld. Yet the halls of the Mortuary lie vacant, for someone is stealing soul-essence, the very means by which Satan condemns sinners to everlasting torment.

But who would dare such a thing? And how does the hush that descends upon the dirty streets of latterday hell tie into ancient prophecy relating to the Reaper’s destiny?

It’s often calmest before the storm.

Just imagine how bad things will get with the apocalypse approaching.


Of course you are . . .
Here's the pre-release buy link:

(Go on - you know you want to make the Reaper happy)

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