Friday, February 21, 2020

Reasons to Consider Finding Out More About 
Daemon Grim

Fans of the Heroes in Hell Universe will no doubt be aware of Satan’s right-hand man, Daemon Grim.
As his Reaper, and Chief Bounty Hunter leading the Hell Hounds, Grim is responsible for bringing all of the Underworld’s miscreants to injustice, by unfair means or foul.
Just look at what critics say about his adventures:

“A vividly wrought story of evil at its best...the story was compelling and a fascinating venture into the world of unsequestered villainy. Weston's novel is highly inventive and enthralling. It's a mob drama with a taste of the supernatural. -- Fanboy Comics

“An epic and fast-paced adventure. Part Gothic, 19th century-style mystery, part sword and sorcery, and part horror. This is a grand tour of Hell which kept me reading to the last page. -- Black Gate Fantasy

“Weston is a talented storyteller. I love his unique take on hell, dark, edgy, and humorous...and the writing is masterful. Just sit back and enjoy. -- Vine Voice

“A comedic and engrossing look into the life of Satan’s Reaper. The characters are so richly imagined, you’ll find yourself booing and cheering for people you never would have imagined. This is such a unique and exciting novel I guarantee you’ll love it. -Faire's Fair Book Reviews

And Readers like to express their views too:

“Truly captivating . . .”     “A black hearted trilogy . . .”     “A vivid tapestry of the macabre . . .”
“Highly recommended dark fantasy . . .”     “An elevated example of urban fantasy . . .”
“Reminiscent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle . . .”     “Engrossing and imaginative . . . “
“The penmanship is unique . . .”     “Weston writes written words like a master . . .”

Like what you see?

Then why not find out more about Daemon Grim and the entire Heroes in Hell Universe by following the links in the side bar.

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