Sunday, June 28, 2020

Black Gate Fantasy Review:
Hell Gate

Ever since Daemon Grim darkened our lives with his first solo adventure in Hell Bound (published by The Perseid Press in 2015), followed by Hell Hounds in 2017,  the team at Black Gate Fantasy have been hankering to find out how the Reaper's story would evolve.

But who is Daemon Grim?

Quite simply, He's Satan's Enforcer. The Devil's Hitman. An assassin. A creature who exists to kill in the most exquisitely despicable ways you can possibly imagine in the service of the Prince of Darkness. Because of this, he's viewed as both hero and villain, a monster and saint. And he hides a secret that none can know.

What that secret is becomes apparent in this, his third outing, where the many-layered, interwoven and tangled intricacies of the Underverse begin to unravel, offering you an insight as to the methods Satan employs to retain his odious grasp on power. And as we find out, his reach is as ubiquitous as it is unrelenting.

But is this Daemon Grim's final foray? The closing of a chapter perhaps? A tying up of loose ends?

What do YOU think. 

This is Hell, after all. 

And don't forget, Daemon Grim is but a cog in a malevolent and monstrous machine that ensures the suffering of damned souls lasts for an eternity of infernities. And there'll always be some fool yearning to escape their unjust deserts.

So, yes, the Reaper's adventures will continue - as they have always done - as part of Janet Morris' Heroes in Hell shared universe. A place where the torment of those condemned will last forever. 

In the meantime - Here's Black Gate's review:

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