Friday, April 9, 2021


Mystics in Hell


As fans of Heroes in Hell will already be aware, the latest in a long line of accursed anthologies from the greatest shared universe under miscreation will soon be with us.

And in anticipation of its imminent release, I’m pleased to announce that I have two short stories included within this particular edition. Here’s a brief taster of what’s in store:

The Come Right Inn

In the Come Right Inn, we meet one of Satan’s most secretive and ill-usive agents. A charming woman with a finger – and most other body parts – in every pie. She’s bewitching, beguiling, and bedeviled to be sure, but won’t think twice about skinning you alive if you cross her.

Why don't you book yourself a room in the Come Right Inn. (Evidently, the menu is to die for).


The Sorcerous Apprentice

In The Sorcerous Apprentice, Daemon Grim learns new tricks from an old dog. And just as well. There’s a fallen saint to bring to heel, and she’s not known for playing ball . . . crystal or otherwise.

It doesn’t take second sight to exercise foresight and realize that Satan’s Reaper won’t be chasing his own tail as he hunts his latest adversary. Like it or not, his bite is so much worse than his bark that by the time he’s finished, there’ll be bones aplenty piling up on the Undertaker’s slab.


And these are only two of the many thaumaturic temptations laid out within the pages of this latest ill-omened offering from the most spell-tacular shared universe in existence. Yes, there will be mishaps and arcane antics aplenty in . . .

Mystics in Hell


If you want to satisfy the hunger gnawing at your soul, stay tuned to this blog, or:

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