Sunday, April 11, 2021


Mystics in Hell


If you’re hoping to exorcise your gray matter, then look no further than this latest misadventure from the Heroes in Hell Universe. It’s one hex of an anthology.



Inside, you’ll find an unworthy cast of miscreants who wouldn’t be out of place in Dante’s Inferno. But as you’ll soon find out, there’s nothing divine about this comedy of errors, for its jam-packed with Satanic soothsayers, pestilent prophets, ruinous rune casters, and telestic  transgressors of all kinds. You know the type, those who would rather cross your throat with silver than your palm . . . especially if a knife or other sharp object is involved.

Yes, if you like tales of hi-jinx and madcap, cryptic capers, where necromantic antics abound, then the Heroes in Hell universe is the arcane insane asylum for you! Dive in without delay. You’ll soon feel right at home, bouncing off the walls of your illmagination in the company of hags, harpies and heretics galore. (Long-sleeved jackets not included)


It’s monstrously good fun and augurs well for you not to delay clicking on the link.

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