Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Trip Round Hell - Part 2
Welcome to Juxtapose - Olde London Town
Entrance to Jekyll & Hyde Park

For those of you who have read Hell Bound, you'll know the Juxtapose level of hell - centred around Olde London Town - is a topsy-turvy world of intermingled 'time bubbles'. You can be walking along the street in a modern-day setting one moment, only to cross the road and have to jump out of the way of a horse-drawn-carriage from the Victorian era the next. It really is that unstable; and keeps Daemon Grim on his toes.

Here are some scenes from around the Reaper's hometown.
Modern-day Era.
As you can appreciate - the upheaval caused by the loosening of the cosmic chains anchoring each circle in place can cause quite a lot of damage and disruption.
River Tombs Embankment

Here's a glimpse of what that area looked like before the upheaval.
Victorian Era
And of course, a little peek at where Dr. Thomas Cream - The Lambeth Poisoner - likes to hang out. You can just imagine him prowling the cobbled streets, eh?
Medieval Era

Some of the Hounds like it here. They love the opportunity to get down and dirty with the dross of the underworld where they'll literally hang offenders against injustice out to dry.
St Thomas' Hospital

The Grand entrance Grim and Nimrod passed through on their way to meet the Dread-Locks.

The Cloisters of Scourging
And here we have the home of the Grey Friars - guardians of the Key of Sighs - safe behind warded towers and the warping mists of the Knights Bridge - a temporal construct that draws on your deepest fears before testing you with them.
Do you feel like you're getting to know the underworld of the Reaper that little bit better?
Next time, we'll take a trip around the other circles of hell. See you then.


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