Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Trip Round Hell - Part 3
Hi there.
Last time we took a look around the Reaper's hometown in the Juxtapose Level of Hell.
Today, we'll take a dip into some of the other circles mentioned in Hell Bound.
See if you can recognize them from the book:


Nowhere in hell offers the warm unwelcome of Hades. Thermo-fountains - rivers of molten lava - pyro-winds. And of course, nonstop seismic instability. You never know what's going to happen...other than its always toasty. Champ and Yamato also discovered other creatures like to play their cost.


Dark, brooding and gothic - the Perishian way of life is full of gall with absolutely no charm in sight. A mysterious and wondrous place where crime lords rule, and hellegal activities are rife under the auspices of the white market.

Pont Snuff:

One of the oldest bridges in Perish - this ethereal bridge spans the River Inseine where damned souls rot in its inky depths, eternally chained to their sins, and forever ready to lure unsuspecting denizens to share their doom...But other events transpire beneath its mirrored sheen. Dare you dip your toe into Hell Bound to find out?

The Spouting Pyramids of Geyser:

Dark Cairo, where the pyramids regularly erupt and fill the streets in molten lava, and where we find the secret repository - The Sphincter. (Only entrance at the rear - of course). A foul, repulsive and disruptive place, and scene of an infamous run-in between Grim and the Sibitti.

Bailey to the Black Tower:
The Isle of Cogs maximum security prison. An isolated dot in the middle of a storm enraged sea. Surrounded on all sides by impenetrable cliffs and cog beach (A ticking time bomb of a trap for any who dare to approach uninvited) Think about it...could you imagine having to negotiate a beach comprised upon millions upon millions of cogs, tines and gears - some big enough to crush a truck - and all just waiting to grind you to a pulp?

 Ha! THAT's what hell is all about. It'll either keep you on your toes, or rip them right off.

The prison sits atop the only bluff that overlooks the sea, and is home to a rather unusual guest. Who? Ah, for that you'll have to delve between the pages...
So there you go. This is just a little dip into some of the other places Daemon Grim has visited...But stay tuned. There's more...much more to come.

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