Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Daemon Grim
(The Journey leading to Hell Hounds)

Hello again, and welcome back to hell.

If you've been following the unlife of Satan's Reaper of souls, Daemon Grim, you will know our journey so far has taken us through his introductory adventureGrim, which formed part of the Doctors in Hell anthology, and his amazing lead role in his very first novel length feature, Hell Bound.

Today, we introduce you to how events unfolded after Hell Bound ended, for the roller coaster ride continued in
Pieces of Hate

where Grim is sent on a quest of the utmost urgency on behalf of his Infernal Majesty.

Forming part of the Pirates in Hell anthology, you can expect the trials and tribulations of the underworlds most prolific killer to increase. After all, this IS hell. And where pirates are concerned, every day is a good day to stab someone in the back...

Here's the blurb to give you a little taster of what you'll find:

Hell is under siege. Shorelines, in one circle after another are falling into the sea. Elsewhere, land sprouts up where there has only ever been open water before. Hellquakes, plague city after city, throwing Hellion society into turmoil.
His Infernal Majesty demands action. But that’s easier said than done, for the Sheolspace continuum has destabilized, making interdimensionhell travel extremely perilous. Therefore, the Devil is forced to turn to the pirates for aid.
However, the marauder fleet has also suffered crippling losses, and those with ships can name their price.
Into this cauldron of fomenting trouble comes Daemon Grim, Satan’s Reaper, and go-to guy in times of crisis.
Acting on a tipoff, Grim has engaged the services of Edward Low and Charles Vane, two of the most despicable buccaneers you could ever wish not to meet.
Together with their crews, they travel to Skull Isle, an isolated pebble in the middle of a vast and complicated ocean, where it becomes apparent things are not as they should be. The island has been sunk, two hundred feet down into the seabed, but remains exposed to the air. Now encircled by a bulwark of thalassic malevolence, it is clear the entire island is a trap waiting to be sprung.
And yet, they have no choice.
Grim and his team are forced to traverse an impenetrable jungle full of man-eating insects, vegetation, and monsters; a booby trapped ice bridge spanning a magma filled gorge; a dark and mysterious mountain, beset with a series of lethal puzzles and deadly foes, each  designed to test their resolve, and sort the wheat from the chaff.
And then, just when the bedraggled survivors think their goal is in sight, they discover a terrible truth.

The real test has only just begun.


And don't forget, if you want to find out more before the Halloween release of Hell Hounds, excerpts from this week's story, Pieces of Hate, can be found on this blog and Grim's own Facebook page later this week. See you there...

And to get you in the mood,
The Pre-order link for Hell Hounds is now available:

Hell Hounds Pre-order link

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